Looking to Manage Customer Reviews and Improve Your Online Reputation?

Orometrix™ provides you with insight into your reputation, your customer sentiments and your overall digital presence.
We understand the importance of good reviews in today’s digital age and we’re here to help you get more of them.
We’ll not only help you respond to feedback, we’ll help transform negative feedback into positive outcomes.
You can count on Orometrix™ to help you improve your online presence and gain more customers.

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Why Customer Reviews and Online Reputation are so Important

What’s the first thing you do when you’re looking for a service or product? Most likely, you look them up and check out their customer reviews online. You want to know about their reputation and what others have experienced before you spend your hard-earned cash!

Forbes found that more than 60% of customers check online Google reviews before they visit a business.


Orometrix™ Reviews & Reputation Responder

R & R Responder is an application that helps you to reply to your online reviews quickly and effortlessly. This small gesture shows your customers that you care and appreciate their support, which can lead to more happy customers who are more likely to leave you positive reviews. Trust Orometrix™ to provide the solution for managing your online customer reviews on Google Business. We understand the importance of good reviews in today’s digital age so our goal is to help you get more of them.


  • Quick and Effortless Review Responses
  • High Quality Responses
  • Various Response Options
  • Varied and Appropriate Tone of Response Options
  • Intuitive, User Friendly App 
  • No Learning Curve 


  • Boosts Business and Brand Reputation
  • Improves Customer Engagement 
  • Better Customer Care
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • More Customer Satisfaction
  • More Good Reviews
  • Quickly Responding to Reviews Shows You Care and Value Your Customers


Discover, Measure and Manage Your Reputation

Digital Presence Kick Start for Small Businesses

Let Orometrix™ consulting services help you to compete with larger, more established businesses and brands in the same market, without breaking the bank. "I enjoy seeing how small businesses and start-ups are able to jump into the market and compete with larger, more established businesses. We're leveling the playing field and that's a game changer." C. Renner, Orometrix™ Partner

Customer Reviews & Reputation Analytics

Orometrix™ R & R Analytics offer valuable insights into your digital presence, online reputation and the overall perception of your business. You’ll stay informed and appraised of your strengths and weaknesses, and see how you compare with your competitors. Our proprietary technology helps manage your online reputation, using online customer feedback and reviews to generate the customer-sentiment analysis, which shows you what’s important to your customers and to your success. Orometrix™ will help you leverage the metrics provided to make data-driven decisions, optimize your online performance and enhance your brand’s reputation.

Customer Reviews & Reputation Booster

Orometrix™ R & R Booster takes a proactive approach to managing and enhancing your digital presence, online reputation, and brand visibility. By engaging your target audience with customized content, this tool can help boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation, thereby creating a stronger online presence, enhanced brand reputation, increased visibility and greater customer engagement.


Scaled Services

Orometrix™️ offers business clients more hands-on, collaborative services that range from strategic planning through full campaign implementation, delivery and management of their marketing and communications. We work with all sizes of businesses to create solutions that are tailored to suit their specific needs, their budgets and target audience.


  • Business Analysis Intelligence
  • Online Brand Reputation Booster 
  • Competitor Analytics 
  • Digital Presence Jump Start 
  • Complete Marketing Communications
  • Scaled Business Solutions
  • One-Stop Shop for all Marketing Communications


  • Boosts Business and Brand Reputation
  • Improves Customer Engagement 
  • Aggregated Reviews Provide Insights on How Your Business is Perceived
  • Insights to Keep You Apprised of Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Better strategic decision-making through business and competitor analytics