Huge Benefits GPT Offers Marketing Agencies Like Orometrix


How Artificial is Generative AI?

GPT (Generative pretrained transformer) is a type of “Generative AI” that can create content including text, images, video, code, or synthetic data based on existing data. GPT3 is a large language model pretrained with a large dataset of about 45 TB of text data from multiple sources. 

As anyone who has worked with AI would tell you, there is nothing artificial about the work involved in data preparation, training, and deployment of a machine learning model.

GPT and it’s API wrappers go someway to democratize access to AI in the workplace but essentially it’s up to your organisation to make it GPT work in the context of your environment. In this post I highlight some of the benefits we have gained from using GPT 3 in a way that perhaps other organisations could also gain value from this powerful new way of working.


1) Creativity 

Generative AI will turn creators into super-heroes and will augment areas where they aren’t as strong. Think of it more as a creator co-pilot, rather than a creator replacement.”  —Jim Louderback, Author of Inside The Creator Economy

However If you are a frustrated creative with more imagination than creative talent, look no further! These tools will help you express your ideas even if you don’t quite have the skills to produce the final product.

You can level up for creative output using an ever-increasing number of generative tools.

Some of which are listed here –

or alternatively you can go straight to the source of wisdom as we do!:)

Although we have used a number of GPT based applications. Our priority is to use GPT directly through open ai ( Partly because it’s cheaper, but mainly because it’s important for our business to leverage the core capabilities before we look at third party tools.

DALLE from openai image generation is a great example where we have generated image ideas for our website and blogs. There are times when the final product is not perfect straight from DALLE… However we still use GPT image generation for ideation and to create concepts with the help of “human creatives” who can take over to add finishing touches or simply use the concept as inspiration for something completely different!


2) Content Marketing and Research

Chat GPT is remarkably good at creating content on whatever topic you wish. I guess you are wondering why I didn’t just ask GPT to write the post?! So, I asked…


How does GPT help with content marketing?


“GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a type of AI technology that can help with content marketing in various ways. It can be used to generate unique and relevant content related to a particular topic or keyword, which can be used to create blog posts and other written content. It can also be used to personalize content for specific users, allowing for a more tailored online experience. Additionally, GPT can be used to generate product descriptions, headlines, and social media posts to help capture the attention of potential customers and drive traffic to a website.”

I wouldn’t call the content produced unique. However, it is relevant and can inspire further research to look up other subjects which GPT might surface. Therefore, it can be a great research partner to bounce ideas off. Warning! The latest data used for training is from 2021 so can be highly inaccurate when it comes to statistics. For example, many of the statistics were wildly inaccurate when asked for specific numbers. E.g., How many reviews does trip advisor have for hotels in Dubai? So, if you do your own research to verify the numbers the other content is usually of high standard.

 “Rubbish in, rubbish out”

Why prompt engineering and multi shot prompts produce better results. 

Firstly, prompt engineering is a fancy term for constructing input prompts in a way that captures the full context to help GPT to provide the best possible response.

This usually means providing more detail in your prompt, for example. If I wanted the target audience for a specific product from GPT.

 Use –

The settings

  • Model: text-davinci-003
  • Temperature: .7
  • Maximum Length: 1000
  • Stop Sequences: ###
  • Top P: 0
  • Frequency Penalty: 0
  • Presence Penalty: 0
  • Best of: 1


What is the target audience for [my product]?

It would be more effective to use a prompt that described the context such as.


Act as if you were a professional marketer trying to sell online review management software.

Provide a very long, in-depth, and detailed description of the target audience. This prompt produces a much more detailed response.

Alternatively use multi-shot or few shot prompts to provide examples before the prompt. Note: GTP charges for the prompts and the response, so use this approach only where necessary


Extract the name of type of food from the sentence.

Sentence: Box co has the best Chinese food.

Food: Chinese


Sentence: Tortilla has the best Mexican food.

Food: Mexican


Sentence: Curry is the best Indian food.

Food: Indian


Sentence: Pizza is the best Italian food.





As above GPT responds with a completion statement which follows the pattern establed by the “multi-shot” prompts above.


3) Listening to the Voice of Customers (VOC)

At Orometrix™ our mission to help businesses manage their online reviews better.

This means responding to reviews in a timely manner. The analytics orometrics provides allows businesses to gain a better understanding of the voice of the customer.

Understanding starts with effective listening, the tool allows the user to visualise the most used statements and phrases, this highlights the most frequently used expression or what is important to the customer. There is also a word cloud of the responses so the user can visualise the most frequently used response phrases to analyse how well the business is responding to the customer’s important concerns or praise.

The sentiment tool drills deeply into what customers feel about statements or phrases which the user can input. Using the word cloud as a means to listen to the voice of the customer helps the user construct statements which are most important to the customer and the  business.

The sentiment tool can then be used to compare how your customers feel about statements in a visualisation that benchmarks your reviews against competitors.

4) Responding to Reviews

Orometrix™ helps businesses respond to reviews efficiently in a timely manner which means more reviews can be handle in less time. The review responder offers responses based on the tone selected.  The suggested response allows the user to edit the response as required. This helps the responder create a response much faster than starting from scratch.

GPT is not a replacement for “human” customer care but rather an assistant to the customer care agent or person responsible for responding to reviews to make their life easier!

 Orometrix™ Reviews & Reputation Responder provides an easy way to respond to your reviews.

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