Facts and FAQs

Almost everyone uses the Internet to look for information about people, businesses, products and services they’re interested in. The information found collectively determines your ‘online reputation’ and it refers to how an entity (a person, business, product, service), is presented on the Internet.    

Online reputation is the most accessible representation or image of an entity and so it is most often used to shape others’ perceptions and opinions.  

Ultimately, your online reputation represents what most people see of you, your company, products or services. It is THE showcase of who you are. Therefore, it holds the power of your credibility, reputation and integrity.

Reviews are commonly used to evaluate the credibility and trustworthiness of an entity (person, product, service, business or organization, etc.) and they are used to make important decisions such as hiring, purchasing, partnerships, and other business relationships.  

Forbes found that more than 60% of customers check Google reviews online before they visit a business. Therefore, 60% of your potential revenue might depend on your having good reviews.

Your online reputation is based on openly sourced information found online about you (or company , product, etc.). It is the overall online presence  based on information from sources such as news, social media, content posted and comments shared online.

Reviews Scores are based on your customers’ feedback and on various comments made online about you or your business.

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Customer reviews can be a good indicator of a business’s reputation. Companies can review online reviews, customer testimonials, and complaints to get an idea of how they are perceived by their customers.

Monitoring reviews and comments will help you keep up with any information being shared online.